Noise Reducing



Superior Technology

Crafted to work as hard as you do

• Noise-Isolating Silicone
• Custom Tuned Driver
• Weatherproof Enclosure
• Reinforced Conductor
• Kevlar Corded Interior

Customer Testimonials

Customer service at Elgin is above and beyond what I had expected, and they truly stand behind their product.

Christopher L.

I've used Rukus earbuds for running and to prevent hearing damage while on my motorcycle and they're fantastic. Not only that but their support is amazing.


I work in the lawn care industry and I really love these earphones. For once I am able to listen to my music clearly, thanks guys!

Mark L.

Excellent sound quality, great noise cancellation, soft and comfortable.


Great product. Sound quality is awesome. Stays charged for about 11 straight hours before needing another charge. I would recommend and buy again.

Jason C.

Great for tuning the world out. I use them on plane trips, on the tractor, mowing the lawn and blowing leafs. Might order a second pair just as a backup to keep.

Alex B.
A closeup image of the Elgin Ruckus Safety Earplug Earbuds with medical grade silicone.

designed for comfort

Safest, Softest, Most Durable Silicone

built to last

Triple Molded Audio Jack

A closeup view of the 3.5 mm audio jack with triple molded design on the Elgin Ruckus wired earplug headphones.

Professional Grade

Earplug Earbuds purpose-built for work

From lawn care and auto repair to construction and manufacturing, Ruckus™ earplug earbuds are made for the task. 

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A weight icon illustrating the durable construction of the Elgin® Ruckus Earplug Earbuds for work.

Reinforced Construction

We use Kevlar strand, the same material found in bullet proof vests and helmets, as the reinforcement in our earbud cables and then test them to insane pull strength.

An icon image of an OSHA seal illustrating the ANSI Earplug Earbuds from Elgin® USA.

OSHA Noise Reduction Rated

Our earplug tips carry the EPA's Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 decibels recognized by OSHA to meet ANSI standards in the workplace.

An icon illustrating the IP65 level of protection offered by the weatherproof earplug earphones from Elgin® USA.


Ruckus™ earplug headphones have PATENT PENDING enclosure technology to seal out dust and moisture conforming to IP65 level of protection by international standard IEC 60529.