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Ruckus - Black

Wired In-Ear Earplug Headphones

Focus on your work.

We’ll take care of the noise.

Elgin’s Ruckus Earplug Headphones are purpose-built for noisy, rigorous work environments where long hours and heavy use are the norm. EPA certified to meet ANSI standards, Ruckus noise isolating earbuds provide OSHA compliant hearing protection with a 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

Ruckus earbuds have been specifically designed to work as hard as you do. The IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure blocks out dust and sweat. The biocompatible, USP Class 5 medical-grade silicone ear tips, in Stealth Black, provide all day comfort and durability while being easily cleaned. The proprietary triple-molded 3.5 mm jack and Kevlar-braided reinforced cables ensure ironclad durability.

Whether hard at work with nail guns and miter saws, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers or just trying to tune out the engine noise from your motorcycle, the custom-tuned 8 mm speaker drivers deliver full dynamic sound while listening to your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook.

The details

Certified Hearing Protection Earbuds
OSHA Noise Reduction Rated earplug tips that carry the EPA's Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 decibels recognized by OSHA to meet ANSI standards in the workplace
Biocompatible USP Class 5 medical-grade silicone earplug tips to ensure no irritation to any skin type and durability
Proprietary triple molded 3.5mm audio jack for ironclad durability through the harshest work environments
Custom-built speaker drivers provide dynamic, full-range sound
weatherproof enclosure technology to seal out dust and moisture conforming to IP65 level of protection by international standard IEC 60529
Kevlar strand reinforced earbud cables tested to insane pull strength
Earbuds that look like earplugs
Included tough woven nylon zipper case with 6061 aluminum carabiner

What Our Customers Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Dain Claffey
Not enough noise reduction

I work in a noisy environment and was hoping these earbuds would give me more noise reduction, so I wouldn’t have to have the volume up so loud. They don’t do that and they don’t fit well or stay in place while moving around. I went back to my old earbuds. Oh well lesson learned.

Patrick Jones
Sound great but with issues

First my ear holes are small so getting these in is difficult for me. I can’t get them in far enough to stay put.

2nd issue is that they stick out quite far. I wish they had a 90 degree bend. I tried using these inside a helmet and couldn’t get the helmet on without knocking them out of my ears. Even if I could get the helmet on it would be uncomfortable.

So they aren’t designed for helmets, which is ok, but I wish they had different sizes of foam ear sizes available and wish they had a 90 bend.

But they do sound good. Unfortunately I can’t get them to stay in my ears even for normal walk around use. :(

Pascal Humphrey
Change the design

After riding for a full day on my motorcycle my ears canal was sore. They sound great. But, because there is no 90 degree bend in the wire to speaker it stick out and your helmet rube and move the ear buds around. Like i said, the sound is good, just wished they had a different design and they would be perfect. I will still use them, just not for to long on a ride.

Cynthia Hopkins
Great product

It really does what it says. My husband uses these earbuds while mowing so he can hear music which makes the job go (mentally) quicker. The noise reduction is amazing.

Pat Douget
Ruckus corded earbuds

They have excellent noise reduction, but sound quality isn't like the wireless earbuds. The sound quality is like listening through a tube. Other than that, they work great.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
OSHA Workplace Compliant
No Hassle One Year Warranty