About Elgin USA

A heritage of innovation

You put your blood, sweat and tears into everything you do.

Elgin products are made with that mantra in mind and more importantly, they are


Why Elgin Exists

We make tools that amplify the output of the everyday craftsman. The unapologetic, under-appreciated working class responsible for laying the brick & mortar of America. Humble and hardworking, these makers don't ask for favors or days off and are seldom top-of-mind when brands talk about innovation.

We believe there is no more inspiring or deserving audience to serve than this one. And it's our responsibility to enhance their workday with thoughtfully crafted products that combine cutting-edge tech with rugged & familiar designs. Gear that doesn't get in the way as it changes the way they work and keeps them safe.

All-American Innovation

Elgin represents generations of American engineers whose work is dedicated to the concept of American Innovation — the belief that this country was founded to serve the common man and the common good in innovative ways. From forms of government to the machines we've built, America is about celebrating those who do the hard work of ensuring our society moves forward.

We are experts at one thing: identifying the intersection of form and function — the point where a product is most efficient, effective, and engaging. This is where American Innovation comes to life. Free of excess, everything Elgin builds delivers the absolute best - nothing more and certainly nothing less - designed for those who deserve it most.